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Simran, (seen here smiling (very rare) on the far right with her two sisters (middle) and her cousin (far left), has since been able to overcome the majority of her health issues and wants to help many others experience a more rejuvenating healthy lifestyle as she can relate to the difficulty and stress associated with health challenges. 

Simran’s aim is to help people achieve optimum health by healing from the root causes so they can thrive in their day-to-day life without a feeling of worry. Simran achieves this by understanding a holistic background of your life and leaving no stone unturned as even the smallest details can have a dramatic impact in understanding symptoms. The process is very personal as there is no one size fits all approach with the intention of empowering you to make the best decisions for your individual health goals.

Simran Gosain - Thyroid Detective


Laurie’s personalize nutrition toolbox for resolving nagging symptoms includes a comprehensive health assessment, recommendations for food choices that better serve her clients and tracking tools to assess if recommendations are having the desired effect. By applying these tools her clients improve digestion, decrease inflammation and can modulate gene expression - the 3 roots of all disease.

Laurie is seen here with her husband. She now has the energy and stamina to climb mountains. If you take the Baby Steps Course, you will see the transformation for yourself!

Laurie Vork - Thyroid Detective

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