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Your Magic Wand!

If you had a magic wand, what would you like your health to be this year?

Laurie and Simran

Laurie & Simran suffered for many years with symptoms like brain fog, belly bloat, uncontrolled gas, constipation, unrelenting fatigue, skin conditions, infertility, always cold and so many seemingly unrelated symptoms. 
Doctors weren’t offering lasting help or hope to fix their growing list of symptoms.
While from very different parts of the world, we both embarked on a quest to find answers to our own nagging symptoms. We both found help and hope by unleashing the healing power of food and lifestyle as medicine. We’ve both experienced the positive impact that simple choices can make when done consistently.
Through education and training in functional sciences and our own personal experiences, we’re now pleased to teach you Baby Step food and lifestyle skills in our Baby Step courses that can put you on the path to vibrant, lasting health. Our mission is to help you achieve the same kind of health success that we now enjoy. We know these practices work because they work for so many around the world.

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Welcome to the amazing world of functional nutrition and lifestyle. To learn more about how applying a functional approach can improve your thyroid health, we invite you to take the Baby Steps to a Healthy Thyroid Functional Roadmap course. It’s the foundation for understanding the principles taught in all of our courses. 

Course Testimonials

"As a colleague of Laurie and Simran, I had the honor to preview this “Baby Steps to a Healthy Thyroid” course. I have to say I was beyond impressed with the amount of information given and the brilliant way in which it was bite-sized, easily understandable and doable baby steps. Functional Nutrition is not always an easy protocol to explain or understand. However, Laurie and Simran skillfully guide their participants through the program in a way that not only brings a greater understanding of Functional Nutrition and the interconnectedness of the whole person and their body systems with the world around us, but also, they empower their participants to become the CEO of their own health care and well being, using the approaches taught throughout the course.

To anyone considering partaking in this program, have hope and take the leap. If you follow the wisdom, compassionate guidance and baby steps that Laurie and Simran so beautifully present in this course, you will surely see and reap the benefits. You are in the best of hands with both of these Functional Nutrition and Thyroid Detective experts."

-Gail Williams FNLP, CHHC, AADP

"Baby Steps is like a web of lifestyle choices that brings about effective and long-lasting change to live a holistically healthy life. It has such mindfully curated content that actually helps in building our mind, body and spirit connection.


Also, it is made in a smooth flowing manner and unlike some other health courses available online, it doesn’t involve even an ounce of anxiety/fear inducing marketing tactics, hence making it way more effective long-term.


Bonus? It has fun tasks that I could do together with my family! By the time I reached the end of the course, I felt grateful to have done it!


So far, the step by step changes have been very easy to incorporate at home and have also brought about a major positive impact on everyone’s lives."

-Bhavisha Lakhiani

The Baby Steps Courses


A Functional Roadmap

Understanding the concepts covered in the Pre-Req course are essential for prepping you for success in all Baby Step courses.


The 4-Week Course

This is a 4-Week course designed to introduce you to Baby Step nutrition and lifestyle practices that invite resolution of nagging symptoms like brain fog, belly bloat, fatigue and weight struggles.

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Simran Gosain, FNLP

Simran is a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner, Health Coach, Culinary Nutrition Educator and an Autoimmune specialist certified by Functional Nutrition Alliance, The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The Academy of Culinary Nutrition and Autoimmune Wellness respectively.

Simran’s inspiration for health stems from her own personal health challenges that she has faced throughout her life. She has suffered with constipation, gas, bloating, fatigue, muscle cramps, weight gain, heavy periods, hair fall, sleep issues, autoimmune thyroiditis and more. After visiting numerous doctors without any long-lasting solutions, she decided to take matters into her own hands. She realized that the primary difference between conventional and functional doctors was a focus on diet and lifestyle improvements. 

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Laurie Vork, FNLP

Laurie is passionate about helping hurting women find symptom relief by working like a detective to uncover WHY someone has symptoms in the first place. Symptom relief is wonderful, but if you don’t uncover why you have symptoms, you’re bound to develop more and more symptoms down the road because the root causes aren’t being addressed.

Laurie understands this conundrum. For her entire life, she suffered with chronic conditions like asthma, allergies, chronic sinus infections, pimply arms & face, belly bloat, fatigue, acid reflux, constipation, carpal tunnel, thinning hair, hypothyroidism, weight loss resistance, infertility and hormonal havoc. Each doctor she went to offered symptom relief the best they could, but no one was looking at what might be causing her symptoms in the first place. That’s why the list of symptoms kept growing year after year.

Improve Gut Health

Learn the keys to Improve gut health and restore thyroid function.

Baby Steps eBooks for Sale!

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